After-School Program Contact Information and Procedures


Site Coordinator:

Sierra Patterson

WORK Cell Phone:

802 -376-9082


Co-Site Coordinators:


Murphy-Hicks or

Tammie Chapin  

WORK Cell Phone:



Site Coordinator:

Tina White 

WORK Cell Phone: 802-376-6209


Site Coordinator:

Kim Budzik

WORK Cell Phone:


WNESU Director of ASP:

Sarah Doran

WORK Cell Phone:



➤Please use the WNESU After-School Program work cell phone number(s) to reach an After-School Program staff member. We recommend that you add your student’s ASP site cell number to your list of contacts on your cell phone.


➤Please note this phone is operational during the After-School Program hours of 3-5 pm M-F.

Our school day administration is not available during the school year after 3 pm. If you need to reach someone please contact your Site Coordinator or the WNESU Director of ASP.


➤When you call the ASP work cell phone numbers (listed above,) please leave a message with your name, the name of your student, and your phone number. If you don’t hear back from a staff representative, please know that they may be with students and they will do their best to get back to you in a timely manner. 


➤You may text the After-School Program work cell phone number.


➤If you don’t hear back from a ASP staff representative by 5 pm on a day of operation or if you need immediate assistance, please call the WNESU office at: (802) 463-9958.


➤If you leave a voicemail or send a text on the ASP work cell phones outside of operational hours, the staff will do their best to get back to you in a timely manner.