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WNUESD Budget Minutes for 2/20/2020

WNUESD Budget Minutes for February 20, 2020
Posted on 02/25/2020
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Thursday, February 20, 2020 @ 5:30
@ WNESU Central Office


(Minutes, Draft, Subject to Approval)


Members in Attendance:  Jack Bryar, Cheryl Charles, Melissa Carlstrom, Jessa Westclark


Others in Attendance: Edie Cole, Doug Kussius, FactTV


1.  Call to Order: Jack Bryar called the meeting to order at 5:45 pm


2.  Consider Adjustments to Agenda: none


3.  Communications and Public Comments: none


4.  FY21 Budget Discussion/Preparation:


The board entered into recess at 5:50 pm.


The meeting was called back to order at 5:56 pm.


Jessa Westclark:  asked if there were changes to the budget?


Doug Kussius:  said that he is curious to see the new iteration of the budget, the cuts look like a different amount.


Edie Cole: The SU assessments have not been finalized, numbers that were sent out on the 14th should have matched.   


Jack Bryar: is staffing the same for both?


Edie Cole: there is one staff member under Westminster that should be under Grafton. Another two employees were changed to Masters 1.  This should account for the difference. All salaries and benefits and assessments have been gone through.  Assessments have new codes to go under WNUESD.  This is also true for advertising legal fees and board.


Cheryl Charles: asked if personnel numbers correspond between the reports provided to the board?


Edie Cole:  said yes they do.  Each employee’s numbers were gone through individually and totaled manually to ensure that the numbers are correct.  Things have been made tough since we can’t extract a report with the finance software.  Ms. Cole said that the only thing added to the budget was 350-dollars for the Grafton truancy officer under student support.  It is possible that the way that the report was formatted before that there could have been an error.  However, the business office checked everything.  The afterschool program at Westminster was not originally entered, that has been corrected.


Jack Bryar: this budget still holds two principals, no changes to studio-y; this new number has all that intact?


Edie Cole: Correct.  Went through all line items and made sure there were no duplications.


The board went into recess at 6:08 pm.

The meeting was called back to order at 6:18 pm.


Cheryl Charles: said that in looking at health insurance there is a 35-percent increase, why?


Edie Cole: we had a change in personnel in Grafton that made up for that difference.  Insurance is going up 12-15 percent.


Cheryl Charles: asked about line 5431, (non-tech repair and maintenance), there is a 64-percent 7,700-dollars increase?


Edie Cole: said that she assumes that increase is related to boiler work.


Cheryl Charles:  On page 9, under professional education services, there are a host of very high increases.


Doug Kussius:  said that EST and 504 services is due to budgeting for ongoing student needs.  Other items, such as ‘cash in lieu of’ are not his doing.


Edie Cole:  said that professional education services may be a typo with an extra zero. 


Cheryl Charles:  that number will impact the whole of the budget.


Doug Kussius: at one point E-finance had put middle school sped, and 504 services in the incorrect place. That has been corrected but it may have moved other things.


Jack Bryar:  do we have confidence that middle school costs are not mixed up in these numbers?


Edie Cole: yes we do, as well as preschool.


Cheryl Charles:  said that these lines we are talking about with increases may need some verification and asked Ms. Cole if she thinks there is an error?


Edie Cole:  said that she thinks there may be.


Doug Kussius:  said that the 504 numbers are correct.


Jack Bryar:  said that we approve the bottom line we need be sure that the bottom line that we ask the board to approve is the accurate number.


Doug Kussius:  said that 5750 is the 5th grade environmental number, it was entered incorrectly which will account for 50,000-dollars in savings if corrected. 


Cheryl Charles: asked if the 300k surplus from Westminster, which has not yet been audited from 2019, would be reflected before next year?

Edie Cole: no, surpluses go into revenues, I looked at budget and filled in what we anticipate receiving in revenue.  Surplus is 261,407-dollars.  Ms. Cole said that she has contacted AOE this week because she never received the small schools grant calculator.  Educationally and geographically Athens/Grafton meets the requirements for the small school grants. No number is being entered into revenue at this time.


Jack Bryar: asked what the dollar difference is?


Edie Cole: Athens/Grafton got 90k.


Jack Bryar:  said that there is a 90k variable that cant be nailed down.


Edie Cole:  said that her feeling is that you probably are not going to receive the grant.


Jack Bryar:  said that we may want to include in the Warning the ability to modify the budget by 90k if we learn that we will be receiving a grant. 


Edie Cole:  the budget needs to go to print 10-days prior to vote.


Jack Bryar:  we are approving a budget tonight. If we get the 90k grant on March 10, we would like to have the option to reduce the budget by 90k.


Edie Cole:  said that this year’s financial stability grant that is linked to the small schools grant for 70k was repealed.


Jack Bryar:  We have gone through strenuous lengths to reduce the bottom line.  Mr. Bryar said that he is concerned that the work is being blown to pieces because of the lack of that grant funding.  The state put out a message that budgets are going up and that it is a terrible thing, but what they are not telling people is that it is because of the money that they are pulling out of school funding and that cuts will not even register.


Cheryl Charles:  asked about the 138k surplus on the revenue sheet. 


Edie Cole:  said that she took the difference between what was taxed for, and what education spending was going to be this year, and put enough of the surplus in to keep education spending level funded.


Jack Bryar:  said that there may be money in a fund from Grafton. 


Edie Cole:  that is cash left in the account that needs to come to us and be deposited for cash flow in the WNEUSD. 


5.  Agenda Items for Next Meeting:  No Discussion


6.  Comments of Committee Members: None


7.  Adjournment: Cheryl Charles moved to adjourn. The motion passed.  The meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Josh Aberman

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