Technology Purchasing

Requesting Technology Resources

All purchasing of any computer hardware, peripherals, or any other equipment that is not currently listed on the technology purchasing fast-track list requires approval from the WNESU Technology Department. This requirement applies, regardless of funding source.  (Funding example: Local administrative or departmental budgets, grant funding).
All software and online application purchases that exceed $250, have a yearly renewal cost, install locally on computers or equipment, or collect any form of personally identifiable information (PII) of students or staff require prior approval from the WNESU Technology Department.
WNESU purchases technologies that are sustainable, compatible with existing systems, and can be efficiently supported.  As a result, we must ensure that every purchase is carefully reviewed for alignment with district needs, priorities, and direction.
Application and software requests go through a workflow that ensures the efficient use of district resources, both fiscal and human.  Please account for this review requirement in your timeline for purchase and implementation.
Request Process (See the flowchart here)
    1. Check if the item is on the Technology Purchasing Fast-track List.  If so, follow the directions on the fast-track list.
    2. Review the Technology Decision-Making Considerations and be prepared to provide this information if requested.
    3. Complete the Technology Resource Request Form.  You may be asked to provide more information or to meet with a small team to help us better understand or review your request.
    4. After review, you will receive an email indicating whether your request was approved or denied.  If your request is approved, you may be asked to provide additional budgetary information. From there,  we'll work with you to help facilitate purchasing.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our technology helpdesk.