Technology Purchasing

Request and Approval Process for Hardware, Software, and Online Applications

We are committed to maintaining a secure and effective technology infrastructure that supports our educational goals. To ensure the integrity and compatibility of our technology ecosystem, we have implemented a comprehensive vetting and approval process for all technology purchases made within WNESU. This policy applies to hardware, software, peripherals, and online applications.
Why is there a vetting and approval process?
  • Ensure alignment: Our purchasing should align with our educational needs, priorities, and overall curriculum direction.
  • Confirm compatibility: Our technology department evaluates the compatibility of new purchases with our existing systems, platforms, and educational tools to minimize any potential disruptions or compatibility issues.
  • Enhance security: By centralizing the technology purchasing process, we can verify that all purchases align with our security standards and protocols. This helps safeguard our students' and educators' privacy and protect against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Optimize costs: Centralized purchasing allows us to negotiate better pricing, licensing agreements, and educational discounts, maximizing our available resources and providing cost-effective solutions for our school/district.
What requires vetting and approval?
All technology-related purchases from staff, teachers, employees, or departments fall under this process, regardless of funding sources. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Hardware devices (computers, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, etc.)
  • Software applications (educational software, learning management systems, productivity tools, etc.)
  • Peripherals (printers, scanners, projectors, etc.)
  • Online applications (educational platforms, digital learning resources, collaboration tools, etc.)
How does the vetting and approval process work? (See the flowchart here)
1. (You) Initial Check: We have developed a fast-track list of supported resources to help expedite commonly purchased resources and simplify the process for those common items. You can find the fast-track list here.
2. (You) Review the matrix: Before proceeding, please review the Resource Decision-Making Considerations and align your potential request to at least eight items on this matrix.  If there is no common alignment, please contact our helpdesk.
3. (You) Initial Request: Use the online Technology Resource Request Form to submit a request detailing the specifics regarding the resource.
4. (Us) Evaluation: Our department will work with appropriate stakeholders to evaluate the request, considering factors such as educational relevance, compatibility, security, and budgetary impact. We may reach out for additional information or clarification during this stage.
5. (Us) Approval or Feedback: Based on the evaluation, the technology department will either approve the request, provide alternative recommendations, or provide feedback on why the request cannot be approved. You will be notified of the decision.
6. (Both) Procurement: If approved, the technology department will assist in the procurement process, providing guidance on the most appropriate sourcing channels, vendors, and educational discounts available.
In certain cases, urgent or specialized technology purchases may require expedited approval outside the standard vetting process. These exceptions should be justified and approved by the administration and the technology department.
Need Help?
For any questions or assistance related to this purchasing process, please get in touch with our technology helpdesk by emailing [email protected].